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Low Voltage Lighting

Advantages of Low Voltage Lighting Throughout Your Home

Low voltage lighting is all the hype right now is the world of lighting. But why is this so? What is so special about low voltage lighting that regular voltage line cannot achieve? Low voltage lighting is highly advantageous as compared to regular lighting for your interiors and outdoors. Low voltage lighting was first created for outdoor use but due to the benefits it has found its way into the house. Here are some advantages of low voltage lighting.

Safety – low voltage lighting is safer than regular voltage lighting. The power to the lights is given by a transformer which reduces the voltage from 120V or 240V to only 12V DC. This reduces the chances of getting dangerously electrocuted with low voltage lighting. Whether you are using the systems indoors or outdoors, low voltage lighting is safer.

Better light quality – using low voltage lighting gives brighter or crispier white light. With low voltage lighting you can use a wide range of lenses for the desired beams. You therefore have more control over the quality of light you are receiving from the beam. Plus, you can also get very many variations of lighting from the different lenses and bulbs available.

Versatility – low voltage lighting is highly versatile. The bulbs for low voltage lighting are usually small and therefore the fixtures are smaller too. This means you can install low voltage lights in places where you cannot be able to install other fixtures. They can be fixed in tight spaces like behind furniture and where space is limited.

Easy to install – low voltage lighting for outdoor and indoor spaces is easy to install. Since they are low voltage, cabling doesn’t have to be buried deep in the ground. A wire is attached to the transformer to power the lights and then cabling is laid as desired. There is also minimum damage to your property during installation. The outdoor fixtures can also be moved easily as your landscaping plants mature to put them at the desired level.

Minimum heat – incandescent and fluorescent lights contribute heat which can eventually increase the energy bills especially during the hot seasons. Low voltage lights on the other hand have minimal to negligible heat contribution.

Long lasting – LED bulbs last way longer than incandescent and halogen bulbs used in main voltage lighting. You will therefore not incur many expenses when it comes to bulb replacements with low voltage lighting.

Energy efficiency – low voltage systems are energy efficient which in turn means more savings on energy bills for you. Low voltage systems use less power than high voltage systems. Also, the power savings can be enhanced by using dimmers to control lighting.

Conservation of the environment is an important discussion during this time and age. There is increased need for everyone to play their part in conserving the environment so that future generations will enjoy what we are enjoying today. You can make your own little effort to environment conservation by using low voltage lighting in your home. It is time to make a change.

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